Each of the training programs have different training days and times, and the training days and times may also change from session to session.

Each program is scheduled to meet 3 times per week. We understand that many people cannot attend all 3 days, so we encourage those participants to talk with their coach to get the workout schedule for the days they will miss so that they can do the workout on their own time.

2017 Schedule*

Jan/Feb - Apr 1

Goal Race: Scranton 5k on April 1st

Apr 8 - May 27

Goal Race: K's for Katie on May 28th

Jun 3 - Jul 15

Goal Race: TBD

Jul 29 - Sept 16

Goal Race: Susan G. Komen NEPA Race for the Cure® 5k on Sept 16th

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Sept 23 - Nov 11

Goal Race: Run Against Hunger 10k, 5k, & 2 Mile Walk on Nov 11th

Nov 25 - Jan 13

Goal Race: Shiver by the River 10k, 5k, & 2 Mile Walk

*Dates may vary.

You can find the training days/times for current sessions of the running and walking programs

by clicking on the desired program below.